Friday, October 17, 2008

orchestra practice

Yesterday was the first practice for my church orchestra.  I was wondering who would show up and it turned out to be a diverse group. 
  • 3 cellos
  • 3 violins
  • 2 violas
  • 1 oboe/english horn
  • 1 flute
  • 3 clarinets 
  • 2 alto saxes
We actually sounded OK and I was more or less able to keep up/play in time with everyone.  The director is our church's choral director but she did a great job mixing and matching sections of the different pieces.   I was mighty pleased since I haven't played in an orchestra since junior high.  One of the other cellists even asked me if I wanted to get together and work on duets.  I am so jazzed.

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