Monday, November 23, 2009

AR DevCamp NYC

Augmented Reality Dev Camp (the unconference formerly known as GeoAR Camp) is scheduled for December 5th in Mountain View, CA.   AR DevCamp 1.0 is a full day of technical sessions and hacking opportunities in an open format, unconference style.

While a weekend jaunt to Mountain View from the east coast is well within the realm of possibility, the idea of yet another red-eye after a full day of unconference sessions and post event socializing sounded exhausting.  Tish Shute of  Ugo Trade and I were commiserating about not attending AR DevCamp, so we decided host a simultaneous AR DevCamp in New York for people on the east coast that couldn't make it to Mountain View.

New York has quite an active AR community, so there should a be diverse crowd that approaches AR from many different perspectives.  So far, some of the suggested topics are the Outernet Guidelines Initiative, using PyGoWave to implement the Google Wave Protocol for AR , the Internet of Things, and many more.  Like Mountain View, this an open format unconference. We plan to make use of teleconferencing and Skype to share sessions and include people who can not attend physically.  

The details are below and I hope to see geo-folks in attendance. 

New York City Event

ARDev Camp NYC is an open format unconference for Augmented Reality technical discussions and hacking opportunities. It will overlap with ARDev Camp in Mountain View, CA and provide an opportunity to collaborate with Mountain View.

Who Should Attend:
Anyone interested in mobile Augmented Reality, 3D graphics, the geospatial web, Outernet Guidelines, applications of AR in advertising and film industry (adult or otherwise), AR+Semweb, Google Wave Protocol for AR, locational privacy

December 5th, 2009. 10:00AM-9:00PM

The Open Planning Project office (TOPP) Penthouse in Manhattan

ARDev Camp NYC will take place at TOPP/OpenGeo's offices at 148 Lafayette Street, one block east of Broadway and one block north of Canal in downtown Manhattan. The nearest subway lines are the 6, N, Q, R, W, J, M, and Z.

Community Info:
Twitter: @ardevcampnyc, #arnyc
Skype: ardevcampnyc

We are looking for sponsors for meals,snacks, and drinks; if interested please contact

If you're interested in attending or leading a session, sign up at ARDev Camp NYC on the ARDev Camp Wiki

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