Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dell Mini 9 OSX: How To Install Silverlight

On occasion I feel a need to checkout some web application written in Silverlight.  I usually do this on my MacBook Pro but I wanted to be able to do this on the Dell Mini with out seeing this:

The Silverlight installer incorrectly identifies the Intel N270 Atom as a PowerPC chip. Fortunately there is a work around described in the howto below:
  1. Download Silverlight.
  2. Open the Silverlight.dmg file and copy Silverlight.3.0.pkg to another directory such as ~/Downloads
  3. Using terminal remove the InstallationCheck: 
sudo rm ~/Downloads/Silverlight.3.0.pkg/Contents/Resources/InstallationCheck
After that, double click on the SilverLight.3.0.pkg and follow the installation instructions as usual.


  1. Thank you for this, sophia. I ran into this issue last night, and I was too sleepy to try all the other things some forums were suggesting.

    Googled the issue again, and I found your post. So quick and simple! Thank you.

    Also, a quick note:

    You can simply right click the .pkg file, "Show Contents" and navigate to the InstallationCheck file and delete it w/o the terminal.

    Thanks again!