Saturday, August 11, 2012

Notes on getting CartoDB VM working in OSX VirtualBox

I've been wanting to play some more with CartoDB but I've been traveling and my Internet connection has been provided courtesy of whatever cell tower is close by. A VMWare Ubuntu virtual machine is available at aux 2 centimes. Great if your operating system is Windows or linux because VMWare provides a free player to run the VM. On OSX, VMware Fusion can run the VM but it's not free.

The free alternative is Virtual Box, but it requires converting the VMWare vmdk file to an the open ovf format. Before converting the vmdk file, you will need to use your favorite OSX rar archive tool (MacPar, UnRarX) to reassemble the CartoDB vm which is split into three rar files. 

Download the ovftool from VMWare and install. Before converting the vmdk to an ovf file you will need to edit the vmx file so that the path to the vmdk is not hardcoded.

Convert the vmdk to an ova file.

Import the ova into VirtualBox and accept the default settings, they can be changed later.

The next step is to configure the VirtualBox network so that CartoDB is accessible to your host machine. To do this setup the Host-only Adapter. The Host-only Adapter creates a private network that between the host machine and guest machines. 

The vboxnet0 Host-only Adapter is configured from the VirtualBox Preferences menu.

Click on the 'Edit' or screwdriver icon to display the configuration menu. Note that the adapter's address is, which is the IP address that the guest machine accesses the host.

Now that we know the adapter's address, we can configure the network interface of the guest to have a static IP that is addressable from the host machine. Edit the /etc/network/interfaces file as root to set the static address. It should look like this:

Reboot the guest to start the network with the assigned static IP.

The CartoDB virtual machine is configured with two accounts, a devuser account and an admin account. To access these accounts, two URLs have been configured: http://devuser.localhost.lan (user/password: devuser/devuser) and http://admin.localhost.lan (user/password: admin/admin). 

To access these accounts configure the /private/etc/hosts file on the host side (OSX) by adding these entries:

After updating the hosts file, we can access our local instance of CartoDB through a browser. Note: add 'http://' to the URL so that the browser knows you are looking for the local CartoDB site. The devuser map looks like this:

Happy mapping!

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